Cookie Policy

The data relating to your access to will be saved in the form of cookies. This coolie policy describes the definition, the working, the process, the objectives including the deletion and rejection of cookies for the privacy of website users. Your access to this website constitutes your consent for the Company to use cookies in accordance to this cookie policy which is described as follow.

What are cookies?

Cookies are text-files in the computer of the data subjects. These are used for website to assess data collection of the data subjects. Data subjects may study the details about cookies in full at

How does the Company use your cookies?

The Company collects data on website access from every website user through cookies or similar technologies. Cookies are used by the Company to improve website access efficiency and the improvement in user-experience and satisfactions in the following cases only.

(1) For the continuous access to user’s accounts of the data subject.

(2) To examine website usage behaviors of the data owner to improve digital service in an easy, fast and efficient manners.

Types of cookies used by the Company

The following types of cookies are used by the Company.

(1) Required Cookies – Cookies required to enable the main functions of the website. These required cookies allow undisrupted access to website such as saving the log-in data, saving previously filled data on the websites.

(2) Functionality cookies – Cookies designed for website functions. These are used to recognize users who have previously accessed the website to customize website content in respond to individual’s user preference. They also recognize your previous settings such as language, region, font size, etc.

(3) Advertising cookies – These are used to collect contents browsed by website users for the purpose of customizing offerings for products, services or advertisements based on individual’s interest. This type of cookie is saved on your devices to record your weblinks and internet usage. Furthermore, third party cookies may share online information and content to understand user’s requirements for the purpose of website and advertisement customizations.

(4) Analytic cookies – these cookies enable the Company to analyze website performance and statistics such as the number of pages you have visited, specific characteristics of user groups. Such data will be used to analyze customer behavior patterns.

Cookie storage duration in your devices

There are two types of cookie storage duration by the company as follow;

1. Session Cookies, these are immediately deleted once the browser is closed

2. Persistent Cookies, these cookies are stored in user’s devices until expired or deleted. Persistent cookies collect user’s individual interest information to customize future access to the company website for easy and personalized service to users.

Cookie Management

Data subject may reject cookies through web browser settings such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc. You may elect to delete or refuse cookie using the following links;

• Chrome (

• Firefox (

• Internet Explorer (

• Microsoft Edge ( • Safari (

• Safari for ios (

• Chrome for android ( co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid&hl=en&oco=0)

• Chrome for ios (

Changes to cookie policy

This cookie policy may be revised or changed to be in line with the prevailing circumstances. The revised version of cookie policy will be posted on the Company’s website. The Company therefore recommends you to ensure that you understand any changes made to the policy.

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